Research and Development

At our company, research and development go hand in hand. This way, our customers benefit from our experience with medical applications and processes as well as our know-how in anatomy and physiology and our contacts to physicians, clinics and research institutions in the healthcare sector. Likewise, we use our long-standing experience for innovative research
projects or on behalf of national or international research institutions for the development of novel therapy
devices or measuring equipment.

Ultrasound-based flow measurement in the wrist artery to determine vital parameters (RadialisPeriOP)

Every year, around 120,000 operations are performed in Germany in which the patient suffers circulatory failure during the procedure. In high-risk patients, the circulation is constantly monitored during the operation so that the anesthetist can administer infusions or change the ventilation.

Arterial blood pressure is measured intraoperatively by means of a catheter that must be inserted invasively into the wrist artery. Minor injuries or infections of the skin frequently occur during this procedure. As part of the joint project, an innovative ultrasound probe was developed that can be used to monitor the patient's circulation non-invasively. By analyzing the blood flow in the wrist artery, the blood pressure can be precisely calculated and is thus subject to continuous intraoperative monitoring. "RadialisPeriOP" is designed to provide early warning of impending circulatory failure just as reliably as invasive methods.

Pump for four-dimensional flow analysis in MRI

Four-dimensional flow analysis in MRI provides a time-resolved 3D velocity field in a dynamic volume. This technique allows more anatomical information of the arteries and veins to be acquired and provides a more comprehensive assessment of blood flow and hemodynamics. The MRI pump is used to reproduce hemodynamic processes with maximum precision.

Image: Visualisiation of the velocity field in a artificial ventricle (see Dual-venc acquisition for 4d flow MRI in aortic stenosis with spiral readouts)