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Titelbild Engineering Services

We support your product development process with our comprehensive services, resulting in fast, flexible and goal-oriented solutions.

Product planning


During the conceptual phase of your product development, we provide you with an analysis of the technical task and consulting sessions to discuss the best possible solutions. To achieve this, we apply technical calculations, numerical simulation and the realization of functional models for feasibility studies.



For the development and design of your products, our services cover the fields of electronics, mechanics, software development and the manufacturing of prototypes. Furthermore, we support the development with the realization of experimental setups in combination with data acquisition systems. Based on a statistical of experiments, we also carry out series of experiments to supplement the development with a significant data basis.

Production Planning

During the transition from prototype to series production, we develop and build innovative machines for factory automation, data acquisition, and quality control specifically tailored to each client´s needs. As part of this process, we apply our competences in mechanics, electronics, and software technology. Our objective is to provide you with high-quality customized solutions while ensuring an optimal performance to cost ratio.